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  • Chili oil is very common in Asian countries. Pairing spiciness in all types of noodles, dumplings/siomai, soups and other dishes. Chili is also known for their hot flavor and are primarily used for culinary purposes. Chili peppers are good source of anti oxidant and vitamins like niacin, pyridoxine, riboflavin and thiamine
  • Garlic is used by in medicine for more than 5000 years. Ranks as excellent source os manganese and vitamin B6, vitamin C and copper and selenium. It is used for many conditions related to heart and blood systems
  • Taste like Home. CLOVES Chili garlic is a homemade recipe and no preservatives added. Best giveaway for all occassions (wedding, baptism, christmas,birthday...etc.). Best serve to all fried foods (tapa, longganisa,tocino, any barbeque pork or fish, fried rice or rice toppings
Category Groceries > Baking & Cooking > Condiment Dressing > Mga pamilihan. Brand No Brand. Sell by CLOVES CHILI and GARLIC. 7 Simple Steps to Get Lazada Philippines Voucher Codes and Deals. Lazada Philippines Voucher Code New.


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