French's Honey Mustard 340g

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  • America's best loved mustard
  • Made with #1 grade mustard seeds and the sweetness of real honey
  • Great for wraps, sandwiches, dips, and dressings
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It's real honey that makes French's Honey Mustard so incredibly delicious. Giving you the tang of our French's Classic Yellow mustard with a burst of irresistible sweetness. Crafted from #1 Grade Mustard Seeds and blended perfectly smooth, it's the mustard even people who don't like mustard love. And that's saying something.


Shake well before using.To open, unscrew cap and peel off inner freshness seal.For best flavor, refrigerate after opening.


Distilled Vinegar, Water, Sugar, #1 Grade Mustard Seed, Honey, Salt, Spices, Carrot Oleoresin (Color) And Garlic Powder.

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Specifications of French's Honey Mustard 340g
Brand French's
Model Tera Mart-KY009416
Warranty Type No Warranty
What’s in the box1 x French's Honey Mustard 340g
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